Rosecoloured Ragdolls

Purrfect Companions

Our Brilliant Boys,

Bronze Grand Champion Jarrah Toulouse Piérré-Pointed Lilac Lynx. D.O.B 24.10.08.

PKD & HCM clear.

Dam: Aurorapetz Godiva - Bi-colour Lilac Tabby. Sire: Guysndolls Chocolatier - Pointed Chocolate Tabby.


Toulouse is just magic. He is so placid and cuddly. He has such beautiful big round blue eyes and a coat like silk.  What a boy! His nature is one in a million, a pure relaxed gentleman! Gentle giant xox.



 Jipsiglenn Champs Elysees-Pure Blue Bi-Colour. DOB 11.07.12. PKD & HCM clear.    

Champs is 100% Traditional, dating back to the original Ann Baker Ragdolls.

100% traditional means he can be traced back to the original four cats from Ann Baker, with no outcross to the Persians, Birmans, Balinese or tabby lines.  

Dam: Mylovely Cuddle Pie-Blue Bi-Colour Sire: Gld DGC, Ql Dia DGC Fairie Hugo Boss-Blue Bi-Colour.

Kerry from Jipsiglenn has trusted me with the most adorable boy. I am very proud of him. He is a huge boy now and makes the most adorable babies. Thanks Kerry. xox