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Hi and welcome to our Rosecoloured Ragdolls site,

My name is Jude & I am a registered breeder. My goals are to be an honest, dedicated, ethical & quality breeder and follow the standards & ethics of the FCCV. (Feline Control Council Victoria)

Please help stop backyard breeders of Ragdolls. Always choose from a reputable registered breeder. Just because a breeder is registered does not mean they are reputable, please do your home work & look for signs & alarm bells.

Our kittens have been nurtured in our family home.. in a loving, noisy, crazy and caring household. They will be well adjusted to noise, people, love, affection & plenty of quality tucker, not cheap canned supermarket food!!

Our kittens will be de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed, vet checked & socialised when they leave our home.

Please take a look at our site and keep us in mind if you have decided you would like to care for one of our beautiful Rosecoloured Ragdoll Kittens when available. Available Kittens & Updates

Please click on the links for further information about our beautiful Ragdoll cats. Photo Gallery

You will need to email me on & make an enquiry about availability please. 

Thanks Jude & Co.

FCCV 50th Anniversary Show, Ringwood. 27th May 2012.

ACF National Show, Melbourne Show Grounds, 9th June 2012

Above kittens bred by or homed at Rosecoloured Ragdolls

Back left - Rosecoloured MacGyver Blue - Blue Bi-colour carrying chocolate.

Back right - Rosecoloured Obe - Lilac Lynx Point.

Middle - Rosecoloured Briar Rose - Blue Point carrying chocolate.

Front left - Jarrah Lilac Kisses - Lilac Bi-colour.

Front right - Rosecoloured Lancelot - Chocolate Point. 

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