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Please be aware there are Ragdoll breeders out there that are not entirely above board, registered & unregistered, please go with your gut feeling, if possible, check out the environment in which these kittens are being raised, take your time & only put a deposit on a kitten if you feel comfortable with the breeder (most deposits are non refundable) I am sorry to say I have come across some not so reputable breeders who will unfortunately make your life & this adopting experience of a beautiful Ragdoll kitten a misery.

Please do your home work, it will save you a great deal of heartache in the long run. I WILL refund your deposit if something untoward happens on my behalf & I WILL stand by my kittens 100% that is my promise to you.

Sometimes mother cats can come back on call as early as 3 weeks after a birth, especially if it is hot weather, this can cause their milk to sour. Young kittens can react to this by runny stools & throwing up. This also can happen when introducing kittens to food other than the dry food they have been eating, sometimes they can react with a sensitive tummy & develop smelly stools. They are not sick, they just need to have the new food stopped for a little while longer until their gut is mature enough to handle it.

This can happen at any time & delay your kitten coming to your home at the expected date. I have no control over this. I do not know when or if a kitten may react.

I apologise in advance if this happens to a kitten you have your heart set on him/her arriving by a certain date.

Please do not expect your kitten to be in your house until I say your kitten is ready to be re-homed with you. I know it's disappointing, but that's the way it goes!

Before any Rosecoloured Ragdoll kitten can go to a new home at 12-15 weeks of age, the following will be done: 

All pet kittens will be de-sexed, vaccinated, veterinary checked & micro-chipped (provision of your name and address will need to be provided before micro-chipping in YOUR name only, no transfers).

All pets must be paid in full before being de-sexed. (usually at the age of 10-12 weeks old or ONE kilo in weight)    

Breeders: Approved registered breeder enquiries only please. Proof of registration will need to be provided. All breeding cats will have their name clearly documented at time of travel.

Pedigree Papers: The FCCV will not issue pedigree papers in your name until a microchip number has been given to our cat council. It is a new law.

Pedigree papers will be posted to me, then I will forward them to your address, after your kitten is micro-chipped at 10 weeks of age & then the required microchip number goes to the FCCV office.

This can take up to 8 weeks. Pedigree papers are included in the price of your kitten.

Please do not ask for an entire (not de-sexed) kitten if you are not a registered breeder, you must have paperwork proof you are a registered breeder.

You may come & see your new Ragdoll after he/she has had his/her first vaccination (8 wks). I will be more than happy to take photos & email them to you in the earlier stages starting from about 4+ weeks. In the first weeks of our precious kittens lives, it is important they have quality time with their mums & get a healthy head start to their life. Photos are very hard to take when the kittens become mobile, it takes a great deal of time & effort to deliver a half decent picture to the adoptive parents..please be patient :)

When purchasing one of our Rosecoloured Ragdoll kittens you will be asked to enter into a Contract. This is to ensure the well being of our Rosecoloured Ragdoll kitten or retiree. It is for your protection as well as ours. We will stand by our ethics and standards. 

When one of our kittens leave this home we would love for you to keep us updated on your new addition to your family Contact Us

WAITING LIST REQUIREMENTS Once you are on my waiting list can you please contact me if you find a kitten elsewhere or change your mind? Thank you in advance :)

A suitable CLEAN cat carrier is required when you pick up your kitten. Please ensure you do bring this carrier with you. No kitten/cat will leave our house without being in one. NO EXCEPTIONS It is for the safety of your new addition, let's face it you will be investing in one of our adorable blue eyed balls of fluff... a life long companion. Please ask me if I have any available for sale.

 Interstate and International enquiries are welcome.

Freight is not included in kitten pricing.

Transportation by air can be arranged by a reputable agent. Please ask me to get you a quote.


ALL costs involving transportation, etc. of your kitten are to be paid by the new owner. You will need an approved airline carrier  (PP20, PP30) I sometimes have some here. Please ask.


A fee of $50 for my expenses, E-tag tolls, petrol etc needs to be added to your travel costs please, the airport is 87 ks, minimum of 3 hours return for me (sometimes a 4 hour plus round trip for me in peak hour) Thank you in advance. I have had a few requests for deliveries of your new kitten to your homes. I prefer for you to come and see where your babies were raised. 

 Fees and charges may change without notice. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have no matter how small you may think they are, we are here for you before & after your purchase. Contact Us

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