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Approved registered breeder enquiries only please. Proof of registration will need to be provided. 

A suitable CLEAN cat carrier is required when you pick up your cat. Please ensure you do bring this carrier with you. No cat will leave our house without being in one. NO EXCEPTIONS It is for the safety of your new addition, let's face it you will be investing in one of our adorable blue eyed balls of fluff... a life long companion. Please ask me if I have any available for sale.

 Interstate and International enquiries are welcome.

Freight is not included in pricing.

Transportation by air can be arranged by a reputable agent. Please ask me to get you a quote.




ALL costs involving transportation, etc. of your cat are to be paid by the new owner. You will need an approved airline carrier  (PP20, PP30) I sometimes have some here. Please ask.



A fee of $60 for my expenses, E-tag tolls, petrol etc needs to be added to your travel costs please, the airport is 87 ks, minimum of 3 hours return for me (sometimes a 4 hour plus round trip for me in peak hour) Thank you in advance. 

 Fees and charges may change without notice. 

 ♥ You are purchasing an 24/7 INDOOR cat only. Please make sure you have a secure enclosed cat run/area provided for the safety of your new addition.


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