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Available cats,



Sadly I am no longer breeding. I do have AVAILABLE older cats just out of kitten stage, but still very playful, they have never bred for me. The were to become my future queens. They are just over 12 months old.

All available cats are female.

I also have some older retirees that vary in age.

Please contact me via my email or Facebook page. 

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Please read my adopting page, it should answer most questions you may have.

Please include the following requirements in your email.

  • Name, contact number (in case internet crashes at any time)
  • Preference in colour & markings.
  • Please read my FAQ page.

**The kittens below are not for sale.**

Blue lynx point, 2 Chocolate lynx points, Chocolate point.

 Chocolate Point & Blue Lynx Point.

Seal mitted with blaze.

Lilac point

Blue Bi-colour 

Seal Point & Blue Point

                                  Blue Point

                       Seal Point

                       Lilac Point.

Chocolate Point.                  

Lilac Lynx Point, Chocolate Point, two Chocolate Lynx Points.

Chocolate Lynx Mitt.

Seal Lynx Point.

Lilac Lynx Mitt.

Seal Point & Chocolate Lynx Point.

Blue Bi-colour, Seal Bi-colour & Blue Lynx Mitt with blaze.



A Rosecoloured Ragdoll Needs & Deserves:

Food & Water

Love & Attention


Shelter & Warmth


Mostly YOU


If you are looking for an adult cat to forever home, please check my Facebook page or contact me via email on 



Please email me and ask about the availability of our cats.

Thank you. 

Seal bi-colour male 

Blue mitt male and female. 

Blue mitt male and female with blazes. 

Blue mitts and blue bi-colour. 

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