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What is included in the price with my pet kitten?

Your kitten has the following included in your quoted price: (also take a look at my "Adopting page" for more information.)

1st vaccination at 8-10 weeks of age.

2nd vaccination at 12-14 weeks of age.

De-sexing approximately 10 weeks old (non-negotiable unless you are a registered & ethical breeder)

Microchip at 10 weeks old or when being de-sexed.

Worming at required intervals.

12-15 weeks of quality Royal Canin foods, meats, loving and caring from us.

Vet record card which contains the kittens' medical history.

De-sexing certificate.

Kitten pack (when available)

Pedigree papers. They can take 8 weeks.

My adults are all DNA tested for HCM & PKD, ALL of my adults are DNA CLEAR.

What might be an extra charge?

Delivery to Melbourne airport $50

Cat carriers: PP2O, PP30. (Not always available.)

Oz-Pet litter tray system, wood pellets. 

Egg beds, very cute! Limited stock. Blue or mauve.

Air freight costs.

Vet tests: FeLv, Fiv, Corona Titre, Feline aids vaccinations x 3. I am happy to do these tests/vaccinations at your costs.

Male versus Female kitten, which one?

In my opinion I do not believe either are cuddlier than the other, it totally depends on the kitten. Some of my boys are very smoochy, so are some of my girls, vice versa. Your kitten will be de-sexed at 10 weeks of age. Males do not spray as many people are led to believe. If I have to make a choice, I will say on a slight advantage that males are more affectionate...just, but not always!

One or two kittens?

If you work full time and you are not going to be there for your new kitten for long periods of time then i recommend two kittens for each others company. Ragdolls love company. If you do not occupy your kitten they can become bored and may start to get into mischief! If you have other pets, your new Ragdoll kitten should take to them within a matter of a few days to a week. Lets face it, who likes to be all alone in a strange house for long periods of time?

How old will my kitten be when i can pick them up?

Your kitten will be 12-15 weeks of age. They are learning many things from their mothers throughout this time and need to be with them so they can become beautiful, well adjusted, obedient cats. SOMETIMES I have kittens that are very mature and are able to go to their new homes at 10 weeks of age. This is usually for registered breeders. Never before 10 weeks of age, sorry we are bound by a code of ethics as I am a registered breeder, I do not micro-chip my kittens until 10 weeks of age either.

Can I let my Ragdoll outside?

Yes...BUT only in a safe enclosed area where they will be protected from stray cats or dogs. Your kitten can be trained to go on a lead and walk with you. Ragdolls are INDOOR cats ONLY. They are very placid, giving, docile cats who would rather run than fight like the backyard moggy!

Will my Ragdoll shed their fur?

Yes, in Spring they will get rid of their Winter coat. You will need to vacuum more leading up to this period and brush them on a daily basis until the coat has been shed.

How often do I have to groom my Ragdoll?

Not very often. Totally up to you, some love it, some don't. Clumps can form in winter when they are snuggled up more. This often happens after mum giving birth and going around in circles. It can also happen when another kitten has been suckling on the side of another kitten/cat. Or if they have.. ooops fallen in their poo! I give mine a brush every now & then, purely because they love it. It gives you time with your cats and creates a bond.

Can I bath my Ragdoll?

Of course, they love water. Get them use to it early. Do not over bath them though as you will remove the natural oils from their coats and you may cause problems with their skin, once a month is ok.

Do I have to have my kitten micro-chipped?

Yes! Would you like someone else to steal your kitten and micro-chip them in their name? This has happened before, you will have to prove this cat is yours if this happens. :( Better to be safe than sorry. Also it is a legal requirement by the council now.

Why do you feed your kittens and cats more expensive food?

Many supermarket foods just do not have the nutrients in their foods that the Ragdoll needs for their development. Ragdolls are the second largest cat in Australia. QUALITY food will give you a quality Ragdoll.. as in coat, sparkly blue eyes, strong healthy frame and plenty of energy. Try your kitten on anything, if they get loose bowels then back off and re-introduce a week or so later. Ragdolls can have very sensitive tummies. Feed them "human quality" meats, not pet meats. I give my cats a mixture of regular mince (some prefer Woolworth mince!) I may mix in cooked rice, mashed pumpkin. I also feed my cats Paws pet mince or Regal meat in a 3kg bag found in Woolworth's pet food isle or 1kg bags in Aldi. There is also available now a specific Ragdoll dry food by Royal Canin, I now feed my cats this especially formulated dry food for older Ragdolls over 12 months. Plenty of fresh water. Please boil your water if you are on tank water, it is a must. 

Will I be allergic to a Ragdolls coat?

Maybe. Until you spend time around one I cannot answer that, everyone is different. I have had 2 people who know they are allergic to other cats, and they are quite fine with our Ragdolls :)

What vaccinations do you give your kittens?

Fevac 3 by Pfizer, at 8-10 weeks, 12-14 weeks old and followed by a yearly booster. Apparently there is study on this and and the yearly booster is or can be given every 2-3 years now, please talk to your vet. DO NOT GIVE YOUR RAGDOLL F4, RAGDOLLS DO NOT HAVE A VERY NICE REACTION TO IT!!

What flea treatment do you use?

Advocate & Revolution. Directions say monthly. I am a little adverse to chemicals. I do not do this as often, I try to skip a month here and there. If you check your kitten and see a flea, then use the flea treatment. I still do this treatment every 3 months, but in summer I am more vigilant. Totally up to you, keep an eye on them, Usually indoors there is no need. Around dogs or other cats that go outside, then you will probably have to flea more often. I have also found some of my cats have had reactions to both of these flea treatments. :(

What worming products do you use?

Kitten syrup as well as Ambex tablets when older.

My kitten looks a little scraggly around the ears, what can I do?

Put a little baby talcum powder and rub it in, no highly perfumed talc. They can get a little oily behind the ears from time to time or give them a bath, watch out for water in the ears too.

My kittens keeps getting poo stuck to it's bottom, what can I do?

Just trim some fur from either side of their behind until they learn to clean themselves thoroughly. It is a learning process.

What litter do you use?

I use Oz-Pet litter tray system and wood pellets. Much more economical and environmentally friendly than other products. Please ask me if i have any available for sale.

What do I do when I take my kitten home for the first time?

Seeing as your kitten traveled in the kitten carrier last..please either take the door off or leave it wedged open for them to go back in and feel safe if they are looking a little unsure. They may like to sleep in it for a few days. They will venture out at their own pace. Have their food, water and litter tray nearby in a confined area just until they get time to explore their new surroundings. If you have small children who may be over excited to see the kitten going to the loo, you may want to invest in a child barrier so the kitten can go to the loo in peace, otherwise you may start to have your new kitten going in places you do not want them to. They do like a little privacy...Don't we all? Kitten instruction page will be supplied for handy hints.

What is a show quality kitten?

A show quality kitten is a kitten who has all the qualities that the judges are looking for in the cat shows. These kittens have to be of a very high standard of the particular requirements set down by the governing bodies. Eye colour, coat texture, boning, profile, ears set at a particular width & size (no I am not kidding!) expression, temperament, markings. etc. Yes they are more expensive, as it does take longer to get all of these requirements to be a successful show cat. 

Can I show my kitten?

Yes. You will have to register and pay a registration fee with a governing body to be able to do this. You will also have to make sure you purchase a show quality kitten, not a pet kitten.

What is a pet kitten?

A pet kitten is still an adorable kitten. It may have a miss-mark on its body. It may not have the "required" attributes the judges are looking for. Some judging points are, eye colour, coat texture, boning (frame) ears (yes they all have ears BUT they have to be a required distances apart, not too big, not too small, yes you are reading right!) personality and the list goes on! ALL RAGDOLLS ARE PERFECT IN MY EYES!

I have other pets, will my new kitten be ok?

Yes. First up it will be your other pets who will not adjust as quickly as your Ragdoll will. Please leave your kitten in it's carrier and let the other pets have a sniff around the carrier. That way if anyone is going to throw the first punch, no one can get hurt. This takes time. Usually 3 days to a week. My cats and kittens have been reared with our ever loving and mothering King Charles Spaniel.

Will you sell me a kitten not de-sexed?

NO WAY. Don't even ask...unless you are a registered breeder :) I don't mean to offend, but I am bound by my ethics and the code of ethics with the FCCV. (Feline Control Council of Victoria.)

I will add more questions as time permits, hope this page helps you decide to adopt a beautiful Rosecoloured Ragdoll.

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