Rosecoloured Ragdolls

Purrfect Companions

Forever Homes,

                                       Babies now living at their forever homes.

 I would like to send a big thank you all new parents for sending in their updated pictures of their babies from Rosecoloured Ragdolls.


Shiloh Rose & Prince's babies


Look at them now!


                  Rosie-blue mitt with blaze                                            Bailey-blue mitt with blaze (on right)


              Evie-seal point                           Imogen-blue mitt                Isobel-seal point with blaze.




 Toulouse & Shiloh's babies.

     Toulouse-lilac lynx point 2.02.09     Grand Champion Toulouse Piérré      Shiloh Rose-seal point


Look at them now!

     Vincent-seal point & Oscar-lilac point   Cassidy-chocolate point                  Alia-blue lynx point


     Alia-blue lynx point & Zeus-seal point                            Jinx-lilac lynx point.




Tahliah Rose & Toulouse's babies.


Tahliah Rose-seal bi-colour


Look at them now!


                                Ginny-seal bi-colour                                             Buttons-seal bi-colour



             Muse-lilac point                     Teddy Bear-lilac lynx point           Lily-lilac lynx point (on left)




Tory & Toulouse's babies.


             Tory Rose-Chocolate lynx point


  Look at them now!

                 Delilah-chocolate lynx point (on right)                                 Maximus-Lilac lynx point


                                                    Andre-chocolate point & Chifon-chocolate lynx point.




Family pictures



                                                         Someone to watch over me (Chifon)                                                                         

                                                               Ummm cosy in here with my girls