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♥ Warranty and Guarantee ♥

 ♥ Your new addition must be examined by a licensed veterinarian, for a health check within 3 days after taking your new addition home at your own expense. Please contact us if there is any problem within 2 days of the veterinary examination. Please ask your vet to give you a written report stating any problems. Please present this report to us within 2 days of dated report. If you do not follow any part of this contract you will forfeit your guarantee.

 ♥ Your new kitten comes with a lifetime guarantee from the date of our signed contract. Your guarantee will cover your new addition against any genetic or congenital conditions. We will replace your new kitten with the next available kitten if it should die or have to be euthanized from any genetic/congenital defect. Your replacement kitten will be of the same colourings/markings. You will need to supply us with an independent veterinary autopsy stating reasons of death/euthanasia. The veterinary report must state that death/euthanasia was a genetic defect beyond a doubt. All costs are the responsibility of the new owner.

  Please, if you cannot or become unable to care for your kitten for any reason, please Contact Us immediately. We will make sure the kitten/cat will be re-homed. Rosecoloured Ragdolls reserves the right to request the return of our kitten without refund unconditionally if we feel the owner is/has not been abiding by this contract.

 ♥ The new owner agrees not to re-sell, trade or give away to any pet shop, laboratory or destroy without notifying Rosecoloured Ragdolls.

 ♥ You are purchasing an 24/7 INDOOR cat/kitten only. Please make sure you have a secure enclosed cat run/area provided for the safety of your new addition.

 ♥ A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is as follows:

  • $500AUD for a de-sexed pet.
  • $500AUD for a Show kitten.

No kitten will be held without a deposit. A suitable CLEAN cat carrier is required when you pick up your kitten. Please ensure you do bring this carrier with you. No kitten/cat will leave our house without one.


 ♥ If purchasing a "show quality" kitten, Rosecoloured Ragdoll does not guarantee this kitten's performance in any cat shows.

 Failure to sign & return this contract once sent via email will void all guarantees by Rosecoloured Ragdolls.

 ♥ If you do not follow any part of this contract you will forfeit your guarantee. ♥

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