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Ragdoll Hints,

Here are a few things you must purchase before you pick up your new Rosecoloured Ragdoll.

  • Cat carrier is a must. A small cat carrier is fine, but remember your little one will grow into a rather large cat! There will be vet visits for boosters, check-ups etc. PP10, PP20, PP30 & PP40 approved airline carriers will last you a life time. They are strong and sturdy.
  • Top quality dry food (we use Royal Canin Ragdoll) available at all times to graze on. Fresh Paws minced meats daily. Please do not feed your new addition plain label food, it does not have the required nutrients for your growing kitten's development. Your kitten will need these nutrients at a high level for their development. After all they are one of Australia's largest cats.
  • Good quality cat scratching pole if you value your furniture! What I mean by good quality is-one that will last, one that has rope & or thick carpet, not the velour type. Cats need to get their claws into real carpet so they can remove their dead nails. They are on them pretty much most of the day.
  • Water bowl. Self feeding ones are fantastic. Water is a must at all times.
  • Food bowl. Self feeding for dry food. Self feeding bowls vary. Make sure you get the type that you can clean thoroughly. Bacteria can get trapped around the neck of some feeders and cause your cat to become very ill.
  • Large litter tray. I find Oz Pet system is the best. I sometimes have some available for purchase, please ask.
  • Kitty litter-wood pellets are economical and lessen odour, used with the litter tray system you can't go wrong. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CRYSTAL LITTER as it hurts their paws and if a cat chews on it it can cause all sorts of problems and an expensive trip to the vet. Clumping litter is equally as dangerous. I sometimes have some wood pellets available for purchase.
  • Toys for exercise and stimulation.
  • An outside fully enclosed, escape proof area for your cat would be of benefit. 

    What you cannot buy.

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Caring
  • Safety
  • Loyalty
  • Security...Ragdoll cats are not street wise...INDOOR CATS ONLY no exceptions please.

Before picking up your new addition, please ensure you have the same food i feed my cats (Royal Canin Ragdoll dry food, Paws Pet Mince) if you wish to change your food, please do it gradually by mixing the two together. Please use the same kitty litter that has been used here (wood pellet system.) We have found as breeders that the clumping litter & the crystals are not suitable. Please keep your new cat in a confined place with their litter, food, water, toys & cosy bedding for a few days to allow them to get use to being away from the environment they knew. Cats can stress very easily and problem can occur as in toileting in the wrong areas.

Please use white vinegar and water to clean any soiled areas or Bio-zet soap powder diluted in warm water as it has enzymes that removes the smell of the soiling which the kitten always goes back to & repeats soiling. Never use bleach or disinfectant as it attracts the kitten because of the ammonia. Cover the affected area so the kitten cannot return to that area. Camphor cylinders also work to keep your kitten away from areas you do not want them to go as they hate the smell of it. I put them in between the couch cushions. NEVER remove the camphor from the cylinders as it is deadly to your kitten if for some reason they happen to eat it. They can be found near the fly spray section in your supermarket. Keep them away from children also. Citrus sprays are another deterrent for your kitten if they decide to be naughty & not use their litter tray when they first get to their new home. These sprays will have to be redone on regular intervals.  

Many flowers are deadly to your Ragdoll as in lilies. If you have to have them indoors, please have them in a room where they cannot chew on them while you are not watching. Also they love knocking over the vases no matter what flowers you have!

Your new addition may take a while to settle in especially if there are small children & other pets in the house. Please remember your baby has been with his or her siblings and their mother and my family and will need an adjustment period. Within a week you should have a very cuddly & loyal companion. Usually it takes a week, sometimes immediately. They will need reassurance from you.

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