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Ragdoll History,

The Ragdoll establishment was slow in approximately 1965. There is no agreement about their exact origins. There is however a story about a lady named Ann Baker who lived in California who is said to be the founder of Ragdoll cats. There is many a story about this lady named Ann Baker. You may like to Google and visit many sites published about the Ragdoll cat or Ann Baker for interesting readings about this gorgeous breed. The Ragdoll goes limp when fully relaxed, hence the name. They can also fetch things that have been thrown and bring them back to you. They love to hide your belongings. You will find a pile of your belongings where they choose to hide them.

The Ragdoll cat is a semi-long haired colour point cat which can vary in size. They come in several different colours, Seal, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Red, Cream. Also with different markings i.e: points, mitts, bi-colour, Lynx (tabby) & Tortie (tortoise) to name a few. They have a placid nature, & are very docile, loving cats. The Ragdoll reaches it's full colour around 2-3 years. Full weight and size when the cat is fully mature at around 3 years.

Ragdolls love children and many become a lap cat for the elderly. You will find your Ragdoll everywhere you turn, just waiting for you to pick them up for a cuddle.

Ragdolls are INDOOR cats only, it is essential you provide them with plenty of toys and a scratching post or play gym to encourage play and exercise and plenty of attention.

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